Cherry & walnut end grain butcher block

Cherry & walnut end grain butcher block


Cherry end grain butcher block with & walnut end grain butcher block border -? cutting board, wood chopping block, made to order – handmade custom size wedding gift cook kitchen


NOTE: the placement and width of the border may vary according to the size of the board. If you have a specific preference please let us know when ordering.

This beautiful handmade end-grain walnut & cherry butcher block cutting board is an eye-catching art piece for your kitchen but durable enough for everyday use. Each board is crafted out of carefully selected wood from local sustainably harvested walnut and cherry trees to ensure a unique, visually interesting, and structurally sound final product. Our boards are conditioned with mineral oil and are ready for use as soon as you receive them. End-grain boards are highly desired because of their ‘self-healing’ properties, which allow them to resist knife marking better than other types of boards.

The standard thickness for all sizes is approximately 2″.
If you don’t see the size you want listed, please send a message requesting a custom order.

Your cutting board will come with fingerholds and non-slip rubber feet on the bottom by default. Feet reduce countertop slippage, prevent liquid from collecting under the board and damaging it, accelerate drying after washing, and are slightly adjustable to compensate for natural changes in the shape of the board throughout the year.
Please utilize the order notes field to let us know if you would like us to leave off the feet or fingerholds.

Please remember, each item in our shop is handmade to order and may vary slightly from the picture due to natural variations in wood color and grain.

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10×12" ($100.00), 10×14" ($115.00), 12×12" ($115.00), 12×14" ($145.00), 12×16" ($160.00), 12×18" ($175.00), 14×16" ($205.00), 14×18" ($235.00), 16×18" ($255.00), 16×20" ($280.00), 18×20" ($305.00), 18×22" ($335.00), 20×22" ($365.00), 20×24" ($400.00), 22×24" ($430.00)